Biodub, Upwellings, Star_Dub - Progression EP

Release Date02 April 2018
Cat. No.TR 013


Tiefenrausch returns with a Various Artist EP. Gathering three unique dub techno musicians linked through deep chords and driving basslines. While Biodub and Upwellings already contributed their part to the label, the new member Star_Dub joins in with his raw vision of dub techno.

The leitmotif of the “Progression EP” consists of concised chord clusters above groovy basslines, thick kicks and reverbish atmospheres. Biodubs “Varial” opens the EP with a club oriented tune made of long build ups and complifiying drops.  “Subduction” by Upwellings follows this direction. Echoing chords flutter between pumping basses and driving hihats. The EP is closed by “Aeronaut”, where Star_Dub does what he is best known for: creating raw and powerful soundscapes.

The release is designed by Alex Ketzer who joins in for a collaboration with the illustrators Magdalena Paz and Florian Gassmann for the next releases of the Tiefenrausch label. The audio is mastered by SALZ music and the EP comes on 180g vinyl and shrink wrapped.

Artist: Biodub, Upwellings & Star_Dub

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