Baumfreund, Session Restore - Kapillar EP

Release Date03 July 2012
Cat. No.TREP002
Format12" / digital


A new release out of the dubness of the musical ocean. Tiefenrausch presents the Kapillar EP by Baumfreund, a well respected musician, co-founder of the record label 60Hertz and good friend of the Tiefenrausch family. Baumfreund travels with his release on the powerful side of Dub Techno. He combines nice, warm and enlightening chords with his unique and playful way and creates moments you can totally sink into. Apart from that he also lays his hands on the first release by „Session Restore“ on the label „Rauh“ – Warsaw Avenue.

All in all Baumfreund made an EP that finds it‘s place in the peaktime as well as the dreamy moments just after sunrise, a wonderful deep piece of vinyl.

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