Idealist - Expander EP

Release Date06 November 2012
Cat. No.TREP003
Format12" / digital


The third Release by the Dub- Techno Label „Tiefenrausch“ brings light to the unexplored depths of the Bodensee. The swiss producer „Idealist“ presents the „Expander EP“.

Right at the start the track „Present“ combines massiv drumsets and distant chords, creating a gloomy vision of the underwater world. Still dreaming, our glance keeps its progressive direction. With ranges of acid sounds and grooving chords, „Defective Unit“ on the b-side let‘s us resurface here and there perceiving the familiar tweeting sound of a Roland. With „ Tail of two“ the Idealist finaly sends us back, comforting and friendly leading the way.

One thing becomes obvious, the „Idealist“ is serious about his Business.

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