Session Restore

With their style of music, the German duo Session Restore provides the evidence, that contemporary forms of Techno and Dubtechno link to harsh, dry and loopy patterns and thereby follow the tradition of Techno. On closer listening though it reveals music of fine arts with melodic parts and hypnotically notes, which omit any form of gaudiness. Thereby they show the tradition of electronic music with a new livery.

Both label owners, who fulfilled a long-cherished lifetime by launching their own label “rauh” and whose experiences with electronic music date back to the harder Techno days before 2000, draw on many different inspirations from varieties of electronic music. In their sets and own productions it is reflected in old and dirty seeming sounds.

The estimation of this big pool of experiences of the last decade also finds its expression in playing and merchandising tracks mainly on vinyl. A statement for the appreciation of artistic synthesis of a record. On the one hand as a result of all tracks of an EP automatically again must be bought instead of just single, charted tracks. But also by again having music proverbially available and also the visual effect of a record slides back to centre stage instead of getting dusty on a hard drive. In this manner Techno has recourse as a cultural aspect and not as a fast food Mp3 entrée for the momentary satiation of a necessity.

A cultural movement is going on! It is forming in the area around Hanover, Germany, basing on regular parties around the duo, finding its expression in form of modern clubmania in „elektrischer Widerstand e.V.“ (electric resistance, registered association) as an institution for formation.

Words by Martin Camphausen



Kapillar EP view